Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snow on the Mountains!

The clouds lifted a bit this morning, the sun glinted off the light frost on the ground. It's nice to see the blue sky along with all the colors of fall. After so much rain and the cooling temps this past week, as everyone expected, there was snow on the mountain tops! 2 ranges surround much of our valley.

The Chugach Mountains to the east/southeast

The Talkeetna Mountains to the north

Ahhhh, the beauty that surrounds us. I feel blessed to see and enjoy God's handiwork, from inside my car with the heat taking the chill off, outside walking around with our dog to keep the blood pumping and back inside our home snuggled in flannel & fleece with fuzzy slippers and a mug of chai tea!

One last pic from today.

These flowers are still going strong, adding their burst of color to the view along the roadside.

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