Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking Up?

I looked out the window to check on Sissy. She was looking up in my direction but not at me like she usually does when she wants in. What in the world is she looking at?

I had to go down and see for myself ...

Yup, definitely looking up at something, she didn't budge as I walked around her ...

AAAHHHHHHH! Good grief! Squirrel! On the wall of the house, really?!

And that is how they sat, quietly, for several minutes. Until the squirrel tried to make his move, slipped, caught himself and started chattering like crazy. I suddenly felt surrounded by squirrels as several more responded to his chatter from the safety of the trees. Then Sissy started barking, adding her noise. I finally had to pull her into the house to leave it alone long enough for it to, hopefully, get down and go away. Golly, I hope they aren't making nests in the roof! Maybe that's some of the scurry noise I hear late at night. Squirrels! Argh!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Scott's gone to the dogs

We attended a trail work day last weekend and had a BBQ afterwards. It was a small, fun gathering of adults and dogs, with plenty of food! Scott thought he'd relax on the ground and soon had most of those 4 legger's gathered around him.

Sissy was a bit jealous! She was doing a whine/growl/smile mix with her hair standing on end. Silly (spoiled) girl! This little black lab pup, Lily, was sooo cute, and funny.

Eatn' time? Whatcha got there??! Sure smells good!

Got any to share?

Ok, trying the front approach.

I can just taste it, just a lick, just...oh that smells yummy!

Yes, only someone else's cute, young pup can get away with this. : )