Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Clean or to Hike...

hmmm, that is the question. HAH right!! Sunny, fall day... Hike it is! Today we climbed the Butte. It's a nice little "hill" in the middle of a wide, flat, glacial valley. From the highway it looks kind of weird there, out of place, but it is a nice bit of a climb with a wonderful view at the top, for us non-mountain climbers! : )

Look, termination dust on the mountains, already!

Ahhh, view of the glacier from top of the Butte.

Slight zoom.

Ok, picture for Scott, away at work on this fine day. Uh, You whooo, Sisssssy, squeak!

There we go! Gotta be fast with dogs!

Sigh, back down the trail we must go.

Still time to clean a bit, but probably not tonight! : )

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall off-road trip

Now that his Toy (truck) is home, Scott has been itching to take it out for a drive on our AK trails! It's hunting season for moose here so this became a combo scenic, camping, off-road, hunting trip. It was a quick trip tho, only 2 nights, over the rainy, cool Labor Day weekend, but it was beautiful, and a pretty comfy ride! : )

Our camping spot, transport & abode -

The views surrounding our spot -

Closer in - waiting on the fire...

The views along the trail -

Colors all around -

An old beaver dam still stands -

Sheep. They were on the move!

The hunt for moose was not successful but for beauty and escape, it was!

Good night!