Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall off-road trip

Now that his Toy (truck) is home, Scott has been itching to take it out for a drive on our AK trails! It's hunting season for moose here so this became a combo scenic, camping, off-road, hunting trip. It was a quick trip tho, only 2 nights, over the rainy, cool Labor Day weekend, but it was beautiful, and a pretty comfy ride! : )

Our camping spot, transport & abode -

The views surrounding our spot -

Closer in - waiting on the fire...

The views along the trail -

Colors all around -

An old beaver dam still stands -

Sheep. They were on the move!

The hunt for moose was not successful but for beauty and escape, it was!

Good night!

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  1. W OOOOO W W ! ! ! B - U - TEEEE -FUL scenery. Thanks for sharing them.


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