Friday, June 10, 2011

Scott's gone to the dogs

We attended a trail work day last weekend and had a BBQ afterwards. It was a small, fun gathering of adults and dogs, with plenty of food! Scott thought he'd relax on the ground and soon had most of those 4 legger's gathered around him.

Sissy was a bit jealous! She was doing a whine/growl/smile mix with her hair standing on end. Silly (spoiled) girl! This little black lab pup, Lily, was sooo cute, and funny.

Eatn' time? Whatcha got there??! Sure smells good!

Got any to share?

Ok, trying the front approach.

I can just taste it, just a lick, just...oh that smells yummy!

Yes, only someone else's cute, young pup can get away with this. : )

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  1. Who is the good lookin' guy with the nicest smile?? The sandwich does look very inviting - so can't blame the pup wanting some.


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