Saturday, October 31, 2009

October summary

Wow, time has flown by! Sorry I haven't taken the time to post! I did take some pics along the way, to help me remember the days past and changing seasons. Instead of one biiiigggg long post, I'll do a monthly summary to catch up on posting pics and such. You'll get the short story format rather than my rambling this way.

Sissy and the fall foliage on the rose bushes edging the garden

The moose have harvested much of the garden for me, leaving weeds and a mess for me to clean up. I did salvage enough beans for a few meals but no blanching and freezing this year. Quite a few zucchini survived (apparently they weren't too keen on them) so I was able to make a few batches of zucchini bread and grate the extra to freeze for baking with throughout the winter, yum! The red potatoes were sparse and small but I was happy to have some this year. By the end of the month, all there was left for the moose were carrot tops. The carrots seemed to be growing rather slow so I was trying to keep them in the ground as long as possible. I did pull a few to give them room to grow and Sissy agreed they are rather tasty. The cold and frost (and laziness on my part) seemed to come suddenly and hard tho it was expected this time of year. The carrots are froze into the ground now. I guess we'll see how they survive the winter.

Sissy has helped to chase more than a few moose out of the garden this season, but one in particular is a little ornery and not at all "frightened" by her or humans enough to run away so we have to watch out for them... We didn't let her out of the house until this guy moved on.

Scott has been wanting to build another greenhouse for me for a few years. He plans to seal it up and heat it so I can grow tomatoes longer and start the seeds earlier and ... oh, the ideas!

Once he got going on it, the building was up within a few days!

But then he headed off to work so the progress on the inside has slowed for now. Brrrrrr, winter is on the way!!

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