Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moose in October

It's past the midpoint in October, snow is on the way! The garden has been cleaned up by woman & beast (not in that order). Moose hunting season is over so the moose come out of their hiding (not really, but it sure seems like they know when to disappear) to continually check on the garden that produces no more. Who's here today?

Hello Mama! Trim my bushes while you're back there, I forgot to. (They're some variation of sweet pea but not the garden variety; bushy, woody, some thorns...I always forget the name and ask my neighbor every year.)

Nope, nothing left, all cleaned up. No dessert for you!
BTW, where's your baby?

There she is!

Ok baby, that Mt. Ash really doesn't need an annual trim.
At this rate it will never grow to be over 3 ft tall. Move along, thank you.

We've had this pair and a cow with 2 older calves make regular appearances in our yard. The 2 families seem to take turns moving thru, spending a few days here and there then back again. I have to be on the lookout on our jaunts thru the woods. If Sissy sees them she will try to chase them off, to the edge of the yard or across the trail. Not always a good thing.

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