Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful springlike day

Wow, it looks like a beautiful day out there today, clear, sunny and breezy! I hear it should get up in the 50s today. Our ground is still defrosting so it is rather muddy in spots, spring breakup in AK. I have some seeds started in the greenhouse so a little warmth and sunshine for them is a good thing too otherwise I was wondering if I had started them too early out there.

I've been having fun working on the layout of this blog for many hours yesterday and already this morning (my legs are going knumb from sitting so long). I'm really going to have to learn to limit my time on the computer, for as much as I enjoy checking out other people's blogs and now I've started one myself! But spring is here and summer on its way, with plenty to do outside, work and play!

I have the yard about 1/2 raked, after a week of spending 2-3 hours a day at it, ugh. Then it rained and the yard was rather soggy so I took the last couple of days off from raking it. In the spirit of Spring Cleanup, I did get outside yesterday (before starting on this blog!) and picked up trash along our road and wooded property line. It blows in from people's trash across the road but some is thrown out the window by a few inconsiderate people (and young friends of) who live up the road, we have seen them do it. It makes me sad, frustrated at times too.

Anyway, I better be off (my seat!). The dogs are itching to wander around free, but supervised.

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