Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Morning! Another warm and bright day here. They are forcasting temps 60s and sunny here, warm for us! I wanted to post last night but I was having too much fun surfing people's blogs! It was almost 1am before I puuuullllled myself off of here but then I couldn't sleep as I thought of the neat ideas I saw and I wanted more, more!! So before I got wrapped up in the day's work (or surfing more blogs) I wanted to post to share some of them!

Last night, I was on one of my favs, Amazing Paper Grace checking out some of her beautiful cards and tutorial videos when I got curious about the "featured on card of the week" buttons she had received (posted on the left side) so I visited this Card of the Week site. Wow! On it, Susanne compiles a list of the "Best of the Blogosphere Crafting Lists" of Tutorials, videos, tips (including Photoshop tips) and templates with the blogs she has visited that week, along with the "Card of the Week"! What a great way to find lots of new blogs to visit and learn new things, let Susanne do the finding : ) To make recommendations to her of blogs to visit, including your own, just comment (and include blog link) on her post. One could always read the comments posted to find MORE fun blogs to visit. : )

Anyway, I have only gotten to a couple of the blogs that she has recommended so far this week but the one I got lost on (or absorbed in till 1am), with all the great crafting ideas is Chica and Jo . I love their byline "Tackling Life One Project at a Time" : ) They offer lots of crafty projects including templates for free and interact with their Commenters, answering questions, trying their ideas then reporting back, etc. I think I just found 2 more sites to add to my favs!

Mmmmm, I also found a yummy treat on another site I like, a "foo foo drink" as my hubby called it. I found this on Amanda's site, she offers free fonts for scrapbooking and blogs, step by step tutorials and recipes. Not being a coffee drinker (blah!) or a regular visitor to coffee shops, I didn't know that a iced mocha was basically chocolate milk with a shot or 2 of coffee. I tried this the other day and Hubby caught me at it again yesterday : ) I used some of his coffee he had brewed that morning so it wasn't like espresso shots, and followed the Amanda's photoed steps to a chocolatey (I added lots) iced mocha. I have to say, it was pretty good! I like that I can add as much or as little of each ingredient I want to my tastes, and it's ALOT cheaper than buying one! Scott's not to sure of what to think of me drinking his coffee now and of my foo foo drinks : ) Maybe I can get him to buy some funky flavored coffee so I can try several variations LOL!

Well, I'm off to put dinner in the crockpot and tackle some more raking! I plan to cook a turkey breast in the crockpot, if I can squeeze it in my little pot. The turkey was one I had gotten back around Christmas, but hubby was away at work so it was frozen and forgotten about. I'm in freezer cleanout mode, finding meat from 3+ years ago! Some of the fish is freezer burned (bad vacuum seal job) but majority of fish and moose meat (alaska staples) is still good! So cooking to use it up before it gets covered up again, in anticipation of this year's harvest : ) The turkey is a nice change, adds a good mix, a tasty break from the usual... I'm also thinking it's time to make chocolate chip cookies. Not that they go with turkey, but hubby's looking for snacks and they sure sound good to me : )

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