Monday, May 4, 2009

Guest Artist on RubberStampChat

RubberStampChat (RSC) is featuring Guest Artist Kevin Nakagawa from Stampscapes this week thru the 14th! I think his artwork and stamps are beautiful and I have seen some wonderful cards made by others using his stamps! Amy,the RSC board moderater, has interviewed him and he is available for stamping questions. Even if you are not a member of RSC you can still view his interview and everyone's chit-chat (multiple threads = question topics) with him. You are welcome to become a member and post your own questions and comments to him (and anywhere else on the board). I enjoy visiting RubberStampChat for the chit-chat, tips, techniques about stamping and any other topic that comes to mind. There are quite a few stamp vendors who are members so it's neat to be able to chat with them, view their galleries and check out their store sites.

Speaking of stamp sales!!! Drum roll....... RubberStampChat is hosting a Virtual Stamp Convention starting next Thurday, May 14 thru the 18th! Lots of stamp vendors hold member-only sales during this time period. Since you do have to be a member to participate that's all the more incentive to join! Just be sure to use their specified discount code at checkout! Because of large number of vendors who participate and all of their great websites, many of us have learned to surf their websites before hand and make our wish lists to give us a head start at the convention. It's great for those of us who don't have conventions happening near us (sniff) or can't attend them!

I know I have some wish lists laying around here somewhere....!

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