Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cookies and Dogs

Its been a busy few days so I thought I'd sit down to enjoy a few of these gems and post alittle. I've been wanting to bake cookies for the hubby for a couple of weeks now but hadn't taken the time until today! He's not a big fan of sweets or chocolate so he can be alittle picky about desserts and snacks if & when he eats them, thus I don't bake much. Not that I'm complaining, I've learned to adapt and we are healthier for it. :}

He does like Oatmeal Cookies and I've been wanting to try a recipe I found on Allrecipes called WWII Oatmeal Molasses Cookies. I was happy they didn't spread, they browned nicely (with help of molasses) and they're soft in the middle! The molasses gives it a little different flavor. I cut back on the sugar by 1/2 so they're not too sweet but I think they came out tasty. Hubby agrees, says he'll eat them. I'll take that as a compliment (?).

Earlier this week, Scott and I were out for a drive with the dogs and stopped by a small lake to see if we could get them to swim in it. They checked it out, found some holes but quickly scurried out. They tried going in several times, trying to check out the bugs on the surface of the water and the rings they were making. They pulled at some sticks they could reach while their paws were still firmly planted on the ground but didn't bring them to us - another thing we want to work on.

Kona the waterdog wanna-be

Sissy & her fuzzy tail waving in the breeze

The rocks got their attention but they weren't enough to draw them in very far.

I am sooo happy to see that spring has come and the trees are leafing out!

After awhile the dogs had enough of the water and were off in their element following their noses, dashing in and out of the trees together.

As we left the lake I couldn't resist taking a picture of the scene behind us. I zoomed in on the mirror to catch the reflection of the mountains of Hatcher Pass.

And no, we didn't leave the tire marks. :)

Well, Kona is giving me the look..... the "you gonna come out and play or stay inside all day on that darn computer?"

Yeah, he's got the look down.
Behind him, all things leafy are adding their own chorus on the breeze, calling me to play in the dirt...

Our "hidden" driveway. It must be spring, we can't see the road thru the trees!

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