Friday, June 5, 2009

Dogs who graze & Blooms

Ahhhh, the garden is finally planted. All except the herb seedlings have been transplanted or planted as seed. Seeds: carrots, radishes, spinach, beans (bush) & seed potatoes (Iditareds). Seedlings: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brocolli (the 3 favorites of Moose), Lettuce (head), Zucs, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and even a pumpkin plant. Yum! I look forward to harvest already : ) Oh, but it's a long way off...a long time to try to keep the moose from devouring & trampling it all.... : (

It's cloudy today, good time to take some pics. I won't bore you with pics of dirt, since there's just tiny sprouts or seeds in the ground. But I think there's something blooming out there in our yard somewhere.

The dogs are taking a break from their playing, oh, they hear me opening the door ... Who is that peeking at me from under Sissy? I can just barely see Kona's brown eyes shining out from his black fur.

Off we tromp to check out the flowers, but heah! Grass anyone?

Ahhh, fiber!

Don't strain yourself Kona, you're not picky are you?

Ok, doggies, lets move on.

Hmmmm, wait do you smell something?

Alright, a few poses then let's find some flowers.... (besides the dandelions!)

That's right don't look at me. Give me the attentive, perky look; anything but the "ugh, it's that camera thingy in my face again" look! You two are rather cute, in your own ways!

Ah! Wild Flowers, in June!

Our Alaska Wild Rose, growing wild, everywhere.

Wild Geraniums! I transplanted a few of these beside our garden a few years ago so we could see them to enjoy them more often.

This....Well, I keep forgetting what it is! I think it's a pea plant of some kind. They're 6-7 feet tall, prickly bushes, and produce little pods after they flower, but I don't think they're edible, not normally, not by me anyway.... My neighbor had given me 6 or so of these bushes (tall sticks with roots) a few years ago, and I ask her almost every year what it's called. I should write it down, some year.

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