Friday, November 1, 2013

Our brief Fall

Outside of working, here's a summary of our month of October in pics.  Sissy & I like to walk through the woods. It was raining leaves on this breezy day. 10/3

I can see you, can you see me??

One more of the cutie :)  

10/7 View from Scout's Loop hiking path above the Palmer Hayflats.  The Glenn Hwy  is across the flats, along the mountains (Rt-S to Anchorage, L-N to Palmer/Wasilla).

Garden update:
10/22 - no snow yet. Brussel Sprout plants are still growing but no stalks like I've seen in the grocery store. These look like 2 different plants but came from the same seed packet.  Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage & Carrots are also still growing, slowly in the cool temps.

Sprouts found under the right leafy plant (prev pic). Look like little mini cabbages, brussel sprouts I take it. :)

Sprouts found under the left leafy plant, sprouts but not the same brussel sprouts. I wonder what the difference in plants are.

Sissy isn't wanting the baby carrots to go to waste, she's cleaning them up for me

Mmmm, yeah, tasty, but not as sweet as the Scarlet Nantes you usually plant. :)

10/26 - We welcome the sunshine coming through the clouds & trees

11/1 - Melting frost. The temperature has been dropping but still just rain is forecasted.

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