Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taking a drive

The end of May and there's still quite a bit of snow in some places, like towards Valdez.  Hubby & I took a ride with the pooch for a few days to check out some trails down that direction.

Didn't get very far down this trail till we hit this.  We made it thru some of the snow just fine but it started to get deeper and for longer distances, time to turnaround.

Funny, we drove down this hill just fine earlier.  Amazing what a little warmth in a couple of hours will do to frozen clay, ugh!  Time to get the winch out.  Maybe the car at the bottom should have clued us in when we drove by it the first time...and the pile of steel cable a little further up the hill.

After that how about some (mostly) paved trail!  This old highway is a bit grown over and falling apart in some areas, but still pretty smooth.

When we stopped to camp, Sissy stood watch with her nose & ears constantly working, something must be close by...

Later, after much barking, and us scanning the trees and mountain side, we saw him headed up & away from us at a good lope.  Scott & Sissy walked down the road and found his prints where he had come out of the trees, maybe 50 yards from camp, before running back in and up the mountain away from our yapper. : )

 No smelly cooking in bear country, dehydrated meals it is, tho Sissy thinks they still smell good to her. 

Yeah, she's spoiled, and loves to clean out the bags when we're done eating, if we let her.

Can't.quite.get.to the bottom.... 
Scott did finally cut the side open for Miss Short Snout with egg on her face. :)

Not much snow on this side.

Had to slow down for this guy, who wasn't in a hurry...ho hum.  Sissy wanted to be let out of the truck to help it along, ha! We didn't even want to think about what that encounter could have been like. 

Well we didn't make it all the way to Valdez this weekend but now we have trails in mind to go back to in a month or so when there's less snow!

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