Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Garden grows!

Whoo hoo!  Scott got the fence up around the garden before he went away to work his last hitch back in July!  In a month's time the garden has recovered from a moose mauling quite nicely!  It really can grow if the moose aren't trimming everything or yanking things out every few days!!

We've had a record number of days at 70 degrees & over here this past summer.  Now we're into our rainy August and temps have cooled.  The plants are loving it!!  By golly, we are too!  The moose aren't so happy tho, poor moose...No more dessert for you! : ) 

Sugar Snap Peas
Green Bean Flowers

Aww, guess who else the fence keeps out!

Unknown flowers, planted by birds?
Marigolds to brighten our green garden!
It's been years since we've been able to pick more than a handful of one or two types of veggies in our garden!  These pictures are actually from a few weeks ago. The green beans are developing nicely & the cabbage are quite big now! Time to drag out the preserving information, research recipes and make room in the fridge & freezer!

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