Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coleus and Potato Blooms

I was introduced to Coleus plants thru the gardening magazines I've been reading for years. I like that they come in so many varigated colors but those that have a bright pink streaks really catch my eye. I grew some in pots from seed a few years ago but in the years since I wasn't successful in growing them. Maybe the seed was getting too old or something, not to mention grower neglect. This spring I resolved to try the old seed one last time before looking for a new pack. Thinking that if they were in my sight on a daily basis I'd be able to rule out grower neglect, I started them inside. I poked some drainage holes in the bottom of a small yogurt container, added potting soil and seeds and put them in the front window with many of our houseplants.

A few weeks later, I was pleasantly suprised that not just one seedling poked up but 5! They happily grew toward that warm sun & heat in the south window, I had to rotate their container almost daily. Soon I had to transplant them each to its own, larger, yogurt container (we sure have alot of them). They've really grown with TLC!

I love these colors!

The dark, almost black, color looks velvety.

Wow, I've never seen a Coleus bloom. Light purple flowers, kinda clashes with the color of the leaves.

I got on the internet to find out more about Coleus. Apparently the plant is like most other outdoor plants & flowers, duh. It produces flowers, goes to seed then dies. Treated as a houseplant, it's recommended to pinch off the flower buds to live longer and to encourage the plant to become more bushy & full. I have 2 that haven't bloomed yet so I'll try this, since I don't want to start more seed to replace these pretty ones anytime soon.

After taking some more pictures of the Coleus I noticed some color (other than green) out the window. Seeing some leaves starting to change color and the potato plants blooming in the garden, I headed out with the camera.

I'm not sure what kind of weed this is, but it looks pretty in red. Thankfully the trees aren't changing this fast, yet.

Our Idita-Red Potato plants look healthy.

These blooms don't clash with their leaves.

Sissy entertained herself as I walked around the yard with the camera.

Taking a break to enjoy the moment, the breeze, the smells, ...what is that?

What are you looking at? Are you still taking pictures?

Well, if she would bring me the ball instead of playing keep away...

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