Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day of August

Fall is on it's way! Summers seem to fly by in Alaska. I don't mind the cooling temps but the long daylight hours spoil me. Driving into the airport at 10pm, in daylight, driving home from the airport at 2am in daylight (just not bright)... Daylight is what I miss the most, as it disappears and we head into winter. Not that winter is dark, just only light for 6-8hrs a day. We are losing (till winter solstice) or gaining light (till summer solstice) every day, whether it's seconds or up to 30 min a day, a constant cycle, that I wish would slow a bit, on the light side...

Anyway, thought I'd share some signs of changing seasons here at the close of August.

Changing colors around our big rock, with blown down branches. I like our big rock.

Sissy does too. She doesn't blend into the scenery quite yet (give it a month).

And these would be a pair of our complimentary colors. Now the 2 different plants stand out clearly.

The Fireweed has gone to seed. It blows around on windy days like dandelion seeds....

A few other signs of Autumn coming, that I've noticed:
  • I mowed the lawn today with a sweatshirt on, in the cool evening, as the light faded and I got most of it done on 1 tank of gas (for 2 hrs with a push mower).
  • At 9:45pm I could no longer see my mowing rows, what was mowed vs. not mowed so called it a day, or night.
  • It's AK State Fair time, thru Labor Day.
  • School has started for the local kids.
  • The carrots are finally showing some size and the potato plants are slowly dying (almost ready to dig up).
  • I'm starting to care less about gardening, weeding, etc. and more about crafting projects I'd like to do or books I'd like to read...

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