Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moose Season!

We had a visitor last night!! I was doing the dishes when I glanced out the window and noticed a big dark blob in the far clearing of our yard. It wasn't quite dark yet but with the inside lights on I couldn't make out any detail. The night before Moose season opens in our area and a bull walks into our yard! We hadn't seen anything with horns come thru this year yet. They seem to know when it's hunting season and disappear. Maybe that why he was moving thru, knowing tomorrow was the day.

The pics aren't very clear, I know. One can never stand still enough in low light to take clear pics of objects, esp. when you want details like size, number of brow tines, etc. to know if it's legal. But I didn't want to take the time to find the tripod, remember how to set the timer on the camera, set everything up, etc. in case he kept moving. So these are the best 2, out of a dozen or so pics, without using a photo editor to piece a few of them together... Hey, I was impressed they came out this bright! It was a bit darker than this out when they were taken. All I did was crop them alittle.

Scott was out on the 4wheeler running Sissy all around the woods barely an hour earlier and they didn't see him. He glassed him from the window and even in the low light thinks he just might be legal. We had a few hours to go till the season started and till dark so he didn't go out to verify. Scott may not get out hunting/camping this season. : ( He had said that one would have to walk thru the yard. 4 weeks to go to find out if another one will. The freezer is almost void of all red meat so I'm hoping we get one!

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