Sunday, August 23, 2009

Garden update

Most of the Fireweed is about flowered out, I can't deny fall is on the way! It's still getting up in the low 60s during the day but down into the 40s some evenings. We've had rain almost everyday these past couple of weeks so the lawn is back to it's luscious green self minus the clover and dandelion flowers. It was nice to walk around the wet yard and not be swarmed by mosquitoes! What remains of the garden, thanks to the moose, is still growing nicely. Carrots, potatoes, some beans & zucs, the weeds and a few stray flowers.

Stray pansies add color to the row of carrots.

Some Zucs are surviving the moose, mold, slugs & other critters (not sure what is eating the skin off of them, mice?). I've brought in about 7 so far, pulling them before they get really big otherwise something else might get to them first. Yesterday I shredded enough of them to make a batch of Zuchini Bread and a few 2cup portions to freeze for more baking later. Sorry, no pics : ) The rest is for dinner over these next few weeks, between salads & spaghetti, yumm!

A few things are still growing in the Greenhouse. I have them in Earthboxes which have a water reservoir in the bottom. With it being cool out and not always sunny, I get spoiled, and lazy, not having to water everyday in there but I still forget to fill them at least once a week.

The Cucumbers are still blooming. I've brought in 6 big ones last week. Time to bring out the fresh veggie salads!

Tomatoes are producing, slowly, but no reds yet! Will need to buy some for those salads, for now.

I have a couple of green pepper plants but they are pretty grossly covered with aphids & such. I really need to clean them off... so far they haven't attacked the tomatoes & cucumbers that are on either side of them. 1 pepper is still growing, even starting to turn red. I took a pic but it is gross, to me, so I'll not share it. Makes me feel guilty, just taking pics and not actually caring for my plants... I blame the moose. : )

I almost forget this box. I planted small Broccoli in this Earthbox and "hid" it from the moose - put it right behind the house. We usually let the weeds grow up tall back there, just whacking them once or twice a year, so it was literally hidden for awhile.

Scott's folks are coming in just under 2 weeks! We've started a major cleaning of the guest apartment in preparation. It seems alot of the shop dust from Scott working on his many projects had drifted upstairs somehow. We'll be meeting the folks in Juneau and be there for a few days before they come here so we're trying to get alot done before we go!

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