Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been keeping busy while Scott's away at his folks. We've got our own little heat wave going on up here in AK, boy it's Hot, for me anyway!! It's gotten up to 80 a few times, way too hot for me! This is why I (well, one of the reasons why I willingly) moved to AK, to escape the heat. At least we don't have the humidity of the midwest and southern states, for that I'm grateful. I broke out the shorts to wear around the house.

We haven't had any rain here at the house in a couple of weeks so I have to remember to water the garden early or late in the day. The lawn is on it's own, tho the dryness doesn't deter the hardy clover that seems to be taking it over. I've been going out in the evenings after dinner, when the sun has moved 'round behind the trees, to do some weeding in the garden. Remember, it's light almost 24 hours a day here in the summer. It's really noticeable when there isn't a cloud in the sky in this heat. About 10:30-11pm, I feel tired enough to stop. Also the mosquitoes think it's cool enough by then to go looking for a fresh meal so I head back inside with the dogs.

Saturday we had some clouds (but no rain) so I went on a flower hunt with the camera : ) I didn't have to go far!

Rose - transplant given to me by a neighbor a couple of years ago. (I think it needs some water...)

Shasta Daisies, growing in the garden and along the driveway!

Columbine in the garden

More Columbine in the garden

Fireweed - wild, natural, everywhere

You can tell the season by watching the Fireweed. It blooms from the bottom up. When blooms reach the top and open, we know the cold weather is not far off. Looks like we have a month or so before then, I hope!

Chamomile from the garden.

And clover in the lawn. Note to self: mow the lawn already! But it smells so good, esp. from the kitchen window!

Scott comes home from Florida tomorrow night.

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