Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seeing Family & a wedding in Colorado

Hey I'm Back! I just spent a week at my sister Sheri's in Colorado. My niece, her daughter, was married this past Saturday. I went down early to "help" and maybe have some stamping fun. I had fun but we didn't find time to stamp. We did get some stamp shopping in tho : )

I took a little tour of her place and a few pics before we got busy.

What are YOU looking at?

An old road grater that could be pulled by a horse

One of Tom's projects in the yard

We had lots of entertainment that weekend of the wedding, between Sheri's family, her in-laws and her 9 month old grandson Zane, not to mention my other 2 sisters and parents. I think we all enjoyed watching Grandma Sheri with Zane. : ) She's only 10 years older than me!

What a cutey, looks just like his mom when she was a baby.

ooooh, Zane's gonna get that hat of his uncle's!
He is adored by all, poor kid : )

The casual wedding was held outdoors at O'Haver Lake campground. It was nice, sunny a majority of the time with just a light shower for about 10 minutes. My nephew, Uriah, the Marine and the bride's oldest brother, officiated. How cool! And sweet! Yikes, he's 10 years younger than me, he's growing up fast!

What a young, cute couple. And a handsome Marine : )

Afterwards, the family pictures, in bright sunlight, hence the mysterious shades, but big smiles! : )

Sheri's family of handsome guys and cute bride.

Bride & Groom with my sisters and folks. Do we look related? : )

Ah! Then the yummy, fun part for all!

CAKE! CAKE and more CAKE!

The bride requested that my oldest sister, Debi, make Butterfinger Cake (chocolate cake with carmel, whipped topping & crushed butterfingers), Chocolate Cherry Cake (chocolate cake with cherry pie filling mixed in and homemade chocolate icing, a family tradition) and then a 'traditional' white (or was it yellow) cake for those who may not like (what??) chocolate or may have been overwhelmed by chocolate or something. : }

That wasn't all we ate (and ate and ate). The groom had smoked meat for BBQ steak sandwiches and we had lots of salads. Along with a fresh fruit salad and Pasta Salad we made, the bride's Dad made Potato Salad and Waldorf Salad at her request. Darn, I don't have any pics of the salads but believe me, they were yummy! So was the cake of course!

It's kind of wild to think this is the 3rd time I've seen my family (most of them) within a year while in the past I've gone several years without seeing any of them. I'm thankful they've all been for Celebrations!!

Last August we attended my folks' 50th Anniversary Celebration

Look at these good lookin' young'ns!

In March, my other niece Erin got married

Another good looking couple!

None of my nephews (8) are promising any family gatherings like this anytime soon : )

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