Saturday, July 25, 2009

Need more Flowers!

I think we need more flowers, something summery & colorful.

Last Sunday afternoon we had walked down to our neighbors' to chat. Knowing Lore is sucessful at growing flowers of many types & colors (unlike me) I brought the camera. It was an overcast day, good for pictures though we were hoping for some sprinkles to help keep things growing and the burn (fire) scare down. Big wild fires were raging in the hot, dry north of Alaska, thankfully not close to us.

Here's a few of her flowers to enjoy, and try to remember the names of... Next time I should take a notebook or something to write them down. I'm drawing a blank on some of these now.


This last bunch are petite, only about a foot tall!

Non-lilies! (?)

Iceland Blue Poppy, one of 2 kinds she has, grows 3 feet tall!

Colorful Sweet pea blooms climbing a tree trunk.

Purple velvet pansies

Ok, I have to include 1 dog picture...While I'm distracting Lore, talking of flowers, Pookie, one of her 2 chihuahuas, decides to check out the strawberry patch.
Nope, no red, ripe berries yet. Lore hollered, so she's working her way out now.

Sigh, flowers, I feel much better.

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