Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walks along the River

We had snow here in Vancouver for a couple of days, right between Christmas & New Year's, but it has all melted off now. My sister and BIL have returned home and I am soon to part for home in AK myself! It was nice to spend some time with family, esp. while hubby worked.

Vancouver WA has several historic sites, museums and parks with its links to the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Fort Vancouver, Chinook Indians, and the Kaiser Shipyards of WWII.

On nice days (not rainy or too windy) I enjoyed walking the Waterfront Renaissance Trail along the Columbia River, near our hotel.

The river flows between Washington and Oregon. This bridge crosses into Portland. Part of it raises for large ships and barges to pass as they head in from or out to the ocean.

A "Rosie the Riveter" memorial honors the ladies who worked in the Kaiser Shipyards here during World War II.

This Rosie is a very large lady, marching toward the river. There is a miniature ship and house at the base of her legs.

I love the details of this metal memorial, including the colored glass used to depict water below the ship.

This is only one of several stone tablets of names arranged in a half circle behind the lady of steel.

A little ways from Rosie sits a bronze statue of Ilchee, a Chinook Indian woman.

She looks out over the river.

Beside her, a row of Town Houses line the river, making it a popular pathway for local walkers and joggers. There are also a few rather tasty places to eat along this route making it all the more enticing for us to take an evening stroll.

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